Sensor Jarak Infra Merah E18-D80NK

Sensor Jarak Infra Merah E18-D80NK

Another great infrared sensor. This infrared sensor can be powered with 5V and detection distance can be adjust from 3cm to 80cm with NPN output. It can be used at automation machine, mobile robot for obstacle detecting. The sensor provides a non-contact detection.

The implementations of modulated IR signal immune the sensor to the interferences caused by the normal light of a light bulb or the sun light.


  • Diffuse reflective type
  • Light source: Infrared
  • Sensing range: 3cm to 80cm (depends on obstacle surface)
  • Input voltage: 5VDC
  • Current consumption: 100mA
  • NPN output
  • Dimension: 1.7cm (D) x 4.3cm (L)
  • Cable length: 4.5cm
  • Applications: infrared obstacle avoidance sensor, proximity switch, smart car, etc.


  • Red wire: +5V
  • Green wire: GND
  • Yellow wire: NPN output



proximity sensor

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