Jarak Lubang PCB untuk Resistor

Ketika kita membuat PCB untuk rangkaian elektronik, jarak lubang di PCB harus sesuai dengan ukuran komponennya. Berikut ini contoh berbagai [...]

Lightning Rod and Surge Arrester

Both have different functions. It is better to install both. The lightning rod solves the problem of direct strike. Surge arrester overcome [...]

Digital Filter System

A digital filter system in principle has a diagram block as follows: In practice, the system needs some additional details in order to be im [...]

Electronic system with Analog signal and Digital signal

An analog signal can be converted into digital and vice versa. This technique has several benefits. In this paper only discussed examples of [...]

Analysis of Power Supply Circuit

Problems: Want to raft amps using a CT 18 VAC transformer But after passing the Spull diode so 34 VDC   The circuit is a full-wave brid [...]

Bird Sounds with Arduino

Here is an example of a bird’s voice generation using the Arduino Nano microcontroller (ATmega328) The code is taken from http://120.1 [...]

Flashing LED on Arduino

Making flashing LEDS is one of the simplest ways to demonstrate the timing capability of microprocessors. Here are some techniques you can d [...]

Dehumidifier on the Wonderful Dry Cabinet

Dry cabinet is useful for storing objects that must be stored at low humidity. For example camera and camera lens. Besides Dry cabinet, you [...]

Heart Rate Signal Analysis

In this article outlined analysis of heart rate signals. A heart rate signal is obtained from the pulsesensor sensor. This Sensor has been d [...]

Using Bigger Power Supply Than Necessary

Electronic devices require a power source, one of which is an adapter. The need for electrical devices is usually expressed in voltage and c [...]

Controlling DC Motor with Microcontroller

Here’s a quick article to create a digital controller without too many theories: “PID without PhD”  The article writes a [...]

Digital Signal Processing Simulation

Simulation stages of digital signal processing with LTSpice, and compiler C This document focuses on showing the occurrence of processes at [...]

Potentiometer Response Measurement

Potentiometers can be used as a source of voltage as a signal to be inserted into a microprocessor system such as Arduino. The Bandwidth of [...]

Display for microprocessors

Here are some of the display types that are often used for Arduino-based microprocessor systems: Dot Matrix 16×2 Dot Matrix 20×4 E [...]

Data Encryption Between ESP32 and Windows

The ESP32 microcontroller can send data over a network with other computers. To maintain the confidentiality of the data sent, it is necessa [...]
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