DC Motor Control Training Kit Survey

DC Motor Control Training Kit Survey

Here are some examples of DC motor control training kits for laboratory purposes. The search method is through search with the keyword "DC motor control trainer". The purpose of this survey is to compare with the built-in DC Motor Control laboratory module.

The first example is Quanser Engineering Trainer, DC Motor Control. This product is used by Lund University.

Photograph Of The QET DC Motor Control Trainer (DCMCT)
Screen Capture Of The QICii Software

Screen Capture Of The Haptic Ball And Beam System


The next product is the QNET Quanser 2.0 DC Motor Board.  The link to the product is at: https://www.quanser.com/products/qnet-2-0-dc-motor-board/. This product datasheet is at: https://www.quanser.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/QNET-2.0-DC-Motor-Datasheet-v1.0.pdf

QNET 2.0 DC Motor Board

It costs about INR 80000 according to https://www.zauba.com/import-qnet-hs-code.html, if it is estimated at Rp 16 million (assuming 1 INR = 200 IDR)

This device must be connected with NI ELVIS so that it can be used for practicum.

The third example is the DC Motor Control Trainer made by Leybold: https://www.leybold-shop.com/d-c-motor-control-trainer-70-005-230.html

DC Motor Control Trainer

DC motors require controllers, can be digital control systems, or analog control systems.

First example: The analog feedback controller is discussed in paper: "Analog Electronic Test Board for an Estimation of TIme Characteristics of thr Basic Element of Automatic Control Syst
ems" https://www.researchgate.net/publication/267192656_Analog_Electronic_Test_Board_for_an_Estimation_of_Time_Characteristics_of_the_Basic_Elements_of_Automatic_Control_Systems

AETB devices


  • Mechatronics: Ideas for Industrial Applications, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing Volume 317

Example two: The following series is a simple PID control, from the site https://www.nutsvolts.com/magazine/article/the_pid_controller_part_1.

The idea of the series from the book Michael Jacob, Industrial Control Electronics: Applications and Design, Prentice Hall 1988


Third example: Analog PID Control Using Op-Amps

Source: https://neelpmehta.wordpress.com/analog-pid-control-using-op-amps/

PID Analog Controller

Literature: Sabri Cetinkunt, Mechatronics with Experiments, Wiley 2015

Motor Control Trainer:

DC Motor Control Module

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