Datasheet TRIAC BT151

BT-151 Limiting Values

Datasheet TRIAC BT151

Datasheet TRIAC BT151

General Description

Glass passivated thyristors ina plastic envelope, intended for use in applications requiring high bidirectional blocking voltage capability and high thermal cycling performance. Typical applications include motor control, industrial and domestic lighting, heating and static switching.

Quick Reference Data

Symbol Parameter MAX MAX MAX UNIT
    BT151-500R BT151-600R BT151-800R  
VDRM, VRRM Repetitive peak off state voltages 500 650 800 volt

Average on-state current

7.5 7.5 7.5 ampere
IT(RMS) RMS on state current 12 12 12 ampere
ITSM Non repetitive peak on state current 100 100 100 ampere

Limiting Values

BT-151 Limiting Values
BT-151 Limiting Values



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