Dehumidifier on the Wonderful Dry Cabinet

Dehumidifier on the Wonderful Dry Cabinet

Generally, House painters in GA can help you out in cabinet painting .But what is meant by dry cabinet ? Dry cabinet is useful for storing objects that must be stored at low humidity. For example camera and camera lens. Besides Dry cabinet, you can also use dry box. The main difference: the dry cabinet uses an auto-powered dryer (dehumidifier), while the dry box must be dried with a dryer that must be replaced/regenerated if already saturated.

Here are the stages of fixing a dehumidifier on the Wonderful AD-068C dry cabinet. Short story There is a cable that broke in it, so the drying process does not work.

Here’s a look ahead of the Wonderful dry box.

Wonderful dry Box Dehumidifier Front

Here is a drying device located at the back of the dry cabinet box.

Wonderful dry box dehumidifier backside container

This dryer can be uninstalled by removing the first 4 screws in 4 corners.

The following appears behind the dryer that was removed from the box.

Wonderful dry box dehumidifier back box

Here is the front view of the dryer. There appears to be moisture-regulating knop. This Knop function is to adjust the moisture you want to achieve in the dry box box. There are no moisture figures on the knop, so the moisture adjustment is more by trial-and-error.

Wonderful dry box dehumidifier front Box

Here’s the inside of the dryer box.

Wonderful dry Box Dehumidifier controller and heater
The inside of the Dryer box (Part 1)

Here’s the inside of the front that contains the moisture regulator.


Wonderful dry Box Dehumidifier Moisture Controller
The inside of the Dryer box (Part 2)

After checking it turns out there is a cable disconnect. The cable is a spring heater that moves the valve.

After the problem was discovered, the cable was died by soldered. Goes wrong.

How this dryer box works is interesting. Approximately as follows:

  • Moisture sensors detect moisture in the dry cabinet box. If humidity is less than a certain threshold, then there is a switch that becomes ON. If humidity is low enough, the switch becomes OFF.
  • The main component of the dryer is using the granules I suspect are silica-gel. Silica gel can absorb water in the air, so the air becomes dry. But there is a limit, so if it is saturated then silica gel is not able to absorb water anymore.
  • Silica gel is dried by heated way with electric heater. This heater is controlled by a controller.
  • There is a valve that regulates whether silica-gel is connected to the dry cabinet, or is connected to the outside of the dry cabinet.
  • When it is drying, silica gel must be connected to the dry cabinet so as to absorb moisture in the dry cabinet.
  • When silica-gel is heated, silica gel must be connected to the outside of the dry cabinet, so that steam released water does not go into the dry cabinet.
  • There is a valve whose function connects silica gel to the outside or into the inside. The valve is driven by a spring. Uniquely, the spring shrinks if it is heated, and relaxs if cooled. I guess this spring uses metal-recall-shape (Shape-memory-alloy).
  • There are 2 heaters on this system, the first function of drying silica-gel, the second the function of moving the valve spring.
Wonderful-dry-cabinet-spring drawn valve
Valves when pulled by a spring
Wonderful-dry-cabinet-saggy valve
Valve with loose spring

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