Nilai Resistor dan Kapasitor untuk Rangkaian Operational Amplifier

Nilai Resistor dan Kapasitor untuk Rangkaian Operational Amplifier

Panduan pemilihan nilai resissor dan kapasitor untuk rangkaian dengan op-amp:

  • Nilai resistor antara 1k ~ 100kΩ
  • Nilai kapasitor antara 1 nF ~ beberapa μF


Resistor values should stay within the range of 1–100 kΩ. The lower limit avoids excessive current draw from the op amp output, which is particularly important for single-supply op amps in power-sensitive applications. Those amplifiers have typical output currents of between 1 mA and 5 mA. At a supply voltage of 5 V, this current translates to a minimum of 1 kΩ.

The upper limit of 100 kΩ is to avoid excessive resistor noise.

Capacitor values can range from 1 nF to several μF. The lower limit avoids coming too close to parasitic capacitances. If the common-mode input capacitance of the op amp, used in a Sallen–Key filter section, is close to 0.25% of C1, (C1/400), it must be considered for accurate filter response. The MFB topology, in comparison, does not require input-capacitance compensation.



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